4 days free for HCMC & Hanoi, Vietnam

So you have about a weekend free for Ho Chi Min City (HCMC) and again for Hanoi, the classic internal-external combination, reminiscent of Beijing and Shanghai or Johannesburg and.. the rest of South Africa. That’s quite a coincidence, since I just recently had the exact same opportunity. Unlike other trips, I don’t believe my experience made the … More 4 days free for HCMC & Hanoi, Vietnam

[Guest] Views during my hermit expeditions

Recently I have found myself conducting mini hermit expeditions, exploring Singapore, my homeland – a tropical lion city, roar! These little adventures were originally only intended as some light exercise. After having been a stubborn workaholic for close to 4 years, my health had finally taken a toll. The result was inflammation around my lower back (spine). The road to recovery was … More [Guest] Views during my hermit expeditions