Thank You 2017

When the clock struck midnight a year ago, I was standing in the crowd around Marina Bay, Singapore, with my luggage, having landed just two hours earlier in my return from South Africa. The fireworks were so numerous and extravagant that the air over the bay became dark with smoke and residue, even before the … More Thank You 2017

[Guest] Views during my hermit expeditions

Recently I have found myself conducting mini hermit expeditions, exploring Singapore, my homeland – a tropical lion city, roar! These little adventures were originally only intended as some light exercise. After having been a stubborn workaholic for close to 4 years, my health had finally taken a toll. The result was inflammation around my lower back (spine). The road to recovery was … More [Guest] Views during my hermit expeditions

[V]illa el Haw Par

As is the nature of man’s folly, you often agree to something without real understanding of what you’re getting into. A great example is my new friend’s “favourite theme park”, Haw Par Villa. So, brief introduction: The park originated from two brothers who owned the Tiger Balm business (same one you can still find in … More [V]illa el Haw Par