Pulau Pari, Jakarta, Indonesia & JET, TBC, Japan

Good evening, it’s been some time (almost 6 months) since I’ve written anything besides short updates on the welcome page of the blog. Never fear though, I can summarise 5 months of life into a single sentence, using the power of imagination and words, and long sentence structures: End 2016 my regional role became solely … More Pulau Pari, Jakarta, Indonesia & JET, TBC, Japan

[O]mg lah!

We passed the 24h mark a little while ago, curious what the first day in Singapore looks like for a new immigrant? Yesterday evening I heard this bizarre, yet welcome, announcement: “ladies & gentlemen, welcome to Singapore. We have just landed at Changi international airport, where the local time is 8pm and the outside temperature … More [O]mg lah!