Thank You 2017

When the clock struck midnight a year ago, I was standing in the crowd around Marina Bay, Singapore, with my luggage, having landed just two hours earlier in my return from South Africa. The fireworks were so numerous and extravagant that the air over the bay became dark with smoke and residue, even before the … More Thank You 2017

Pulau Pari, Jakarta, Indonesia & JET, TBC, Japan

Good evening, it’s been some time (almost 6 months) since I’ve written anything besides short updates on the welcome page of the blog. Never fear though, I can summarise 5 months of life into a single sentence, using the power of imagination and words, and long sentence structures: End 2016 my regional role became solely … More Pulau Pari, Jakarta, Indonesia & JET, TBC, Japan

[B]onsai heritage

This morning, while lying on the balcony tiles listening to music, I was contemplating my heritage. I chose this word deliberately to emphasise that some people did some stuff  at some time in the past and the impact of their actions is quite a front line topic still in my identity as I see. So let me introduce to you … More [B]onsai heritage