[Z]zz’s & jet lag

I believe managing jet lag is a little like managing a hangover – some people get it more than others, some only under certain conditions or certain drinks. The problem is fairly straightforward to understand, but the execution results vary. Two weeks ago I had my latest time adjustment, with which normally comes a fair amount … More [Z]zz’s & jet lag

[W]ith(out) purpose

Finding purpose to life as we know is it a hot topic, it has been since the first thoughts around identity came to be, I suspect. Tonight we’re not going to delve into the ‘how to find your purpose in life’ section of the bookshop, but rather I want to share my hindsight around how I … More [W]ith(out) purpose

[V]illa el Haw Par

As is the nature of man’s folly, you often agree to something without real understanding of what you’re getting into. A great example is my new friend’s “favourite theme park”, Haw Par Villa. So, brief introduction: The park originated from two brothers who owned the Tiger Balm business (same one you can still find in … More [V]illa el Haw Par