[Guest] Views during my hermit expeditions

Recently I have found myself conducting mini hermit expeditions, exploring Singapore, my homeland – a tropical lion city, roar!

01 - AMK
Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West

These little adventures were originally only intended as some light exercise. After having been a stubborn workaholic for close to 4 years, my health had finally taken a toll. The result was inflammation around my lower back (spine). The road to recovery was frustrating and painful, I constantly felt numbness on the right side of my leg and my movements were very limited. And so it was during my slow recovery to normal walking speed that I became determined to get a better lifestyle in place, starting with some light exercise – aka hermit expeditions.

My friends had suggested swimming, yoga and other core muscle exercises at this point. However, even with an athletic school history, I preferred to take baby steps and also create a plan which incorporated things I was motivated by – nature and music.

I started walking and jogging a few kilometers almost every day and took pictures of the trail for record purposes. As you may imagine though, at the start it was more walking than jogging. But, as I continued this routine my stamina and strength started returning. Slight increases in distance also led me to discover that there were many places close to my area which I didn’t truly know yet.

Eventually, I was going out with a purpose besides exercise, I was stepping out to go experience the places around me, especially during sunrise and sunset. So I would like to share with you some views of my homeland, in the way I have rediscovered it during my journey to better health.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional photographer. My only equipment is my Samsung Note 5 phone, but i will work on improving my photography skills 🙂

08 - LPR
Lower Peirce Reservoir
02 - AMK
Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West
06 - LPR
Lower Peirce Reservoir
03 - LSR
Lower Seletar Reservoir
07 - LPR
Lower Peirce Reservoir
09 - Botanic Garden
Botanic Garden


10 - Botanic Garden
Botanic Garden
12 - MBS
Merlion Park
11 - MBS
Marina Bay Sands

There’s a common saying among my local friends: “Singapore is so small, it’s too boring (lah).”, but I’m not convinced that’s true. For a hermit like me, there are still places I’ve yet to explore and places that I want to revisit again and again.

To truly explore a place, I believe, you only need some water, no sunglasses (but maybe keep the UV lotion on for protection), music (one of my favourites) and a little time to slowly uncover the treasures that hide in plain sight.

So my motto has become – Whatever you think you might have forgotten, just forget about it properly for now. Get out of the house and start exploring. Travel near and far! 🙂

Last - ME

About the Author @jlookie
An ordinary lady, believing in an extraordinary God. Passionate to serve people with special needs and will always be planning for new adventures. You may also follow Jas on Instagram.

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