[R]ealtor jungle hunting

You’ve found a job, you’ve packed & taken the flight across, you wake up in your temporary accommodation and you realize the hundreds of hungry realtors out there are actively searching for you, or at least anyone like you. Are you ready?

I did a lot of research before even moving countries, but the output didn’t feel it justified the time spent on it. Upon arrival the search seemed to start from scratch. We didn’t give up though and likely by tomorrow this whole episode will be a fading memory. The feature image of this post is what my new home might look like for the next year or so.

All the pre-work and the time spent here started forming a pattern, so tonight all I’m sharing is the list of what I’ve been considering for each place + another photo of my soon to be home-view.


Personal considerations for the flat:

  1. Budget & InclusionsI really didn’t want to go over a quarter of my salary and the learning is always that people advertise above what they will accept. So I did a budget+ style searching, in the hope that options would be slightly over-priced already.

    Additionally I didn’t want to worry about utility bills, internet installation, cleaning services or pretty much anything. So, the more of these were included in my rent, the better. Plus it makes budgeting one big bite easier.

  2. Privacy & VisitationThrough the combination of telling everyone living soul I encountered before leaving “COME VISIT ME!” and the network of traveling friends I’ve made, the need for freedom of visitors was important.
  3. Location & TransportYou want to be close to the city, but not squeezed between other people. Far from the noises but within proximity of the hawker centres they signify. More of something, but also less of it. Plus there is a need to commute to work.

    I wanted cheap ‘n easy food, an MRT I can get to in the rain without drowning and an uncomplicated route should I be navigating inebriated back from town.

  4.  Furniture & SpaceJust to make things interesting, there is a bed and couch on the waters slowly making their way over. This means, a month from now I need to replace whatever is in the apartment I get with my own things. It’s a slightly complicated version of a fairly simple problem – bring your own things.

    Additionally, space enough to feel free to move, which is impacted greatly by natural lighting and views, maybe do a bit of yoga on the floor, these things also play a role.

  5. Feeling at the doorThis one is the final decider. You will be coming back home to this place for the next few months, possible years. The last thing you want is to move into a place that doesn’t make you feel good when you open the door after a long day. Home needs to be a happy place, right?

So that was the basic framework I tried to work through in my search. It has helped me be realistic and focused when the viewings got many and the negotiations got a  bit tiring. Tomorrow we will know if it has delivered as I have hoped.

Did I leave anything out, or perhaps there are some obvious things I haven’t even considered in my own search? Give it a think and shout below if you have  your own search criteria.


This is part of my A to Z Challenge 2016, click the button at the bottom of the site for more information if you like.


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