[O]mg lah!

We passed the 24h mark a little while ago, curious what the first day in Singapore looks like for a new immigrant?

Yesterday evening I heard this bizarre, yet welcome, announcement: “ladies & gentlemen, welcome to Singapore. We have just landed at Changi international airport, where the local time is 8pm and the outside temperature is 33 degrees Celsius.”. Looking at the clock now, I’ve officially been in my new home for 24 hours.

So what had the first day been like in my new home? Let’s take a look (:


Our incoming flight was asked to do a holding circle above the city, which allowed me to see a rather fast time-lapse of the sun going down. Thankfully no big problems and we were safely on the ground without much delay.


Now we have a whole new MRT system to understand. Luckily my friend picked me up at the airport – a smiling face can improve most situations, and finding your way to a new hotel is always interesting.


Food court.. Must.. Eat.. Everything.. *nom nom nom* Although I’m still to find the best locations and meals around, the 24 hour food hall down the road was an instant hit.


And you thought last night’s food was good enough (snigger). Lunch-breakfast we head out to try Namnam’s nom nom delicious food! So good.


Day 1 of apartment hunting: the locals have yet to realise my ability to pull weird faces has no correlation with my ability to entertain. We met these talkative school goers on the train to the first apartment after lunch.


And so I meet a selection of my first colleagues, and they’re both South Africa! There definitely is value in meeting people outside of the work environment though, if only to learn they hate garlic.


And so we end the first 24h back at the hotel, catching up on digital comms and enjoying that KBS World also shows in Singapore. I doubt my favourite shows from Shanghai are still running though.

The first day is hardly tipping this iceberg, but my excitement is all too tangible! In between the above I even found time to agree to two trial soccer matches this weekend, maximum effort!

So how does my first day look? Anything similar to what you may have thought of doing? Let me know below.


This is part of my A to Z Challenge 2016, click the button at the bottom of the site for more information if you like.


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