[F]light, 3rd Issue

Today was a high-low day. With the strong partnership of low blood sugar & shortened sleep hours, we were already in a rough place before the dentist started drilling. However, there was a reward waiting just around the corner of 6pm. With one lip still numb we arrived at a humbly enriching event, the launch of Conteu Magazine’s 3rd issue: Flight.

Welcome to the Commune

The venue was already hinting of things to come when we arrived at Station Drive, a few blocks next to the railroad which have seen spurts of renewal and re-use all over in the past two years. Making our way into one of the larger buildings, we found ourselves at the doorstop of The Commune.


Created as a habitat for makers of all sorts, this floor space currently plays host to a jeweler, two painters, a wooden sunglasses producer and a leather and cotton-based tailor. With the launch event spread out through the common middle area, we had the added pleasure of browsing through these entrepreneurs’ wares & their work spaces while sipping on some wine.

Conteu Magazine & Flight

There was of course a specific reason we all made our way there tonight – Conteu Magazine and its third installment, ‘Flight’. The brainchild of two creatively inspired souls, the magazine has aimed and succeeded to date as being a commune in its own right. Each issue has been centered around a specific theme, which influences the narratives, stories and covered collaborators.

And the theme does not stop there, it also informs the launch itself and the numerous interactions you may have. Flight inspired a launch where you could send a branded postcard locally or abroad, enjoy the virtual experience of paragliding through a mounted smart phone or enjoy walking through the numerous origami cranes hung from the ceiling.

The passion behind it all

While truthfully and honestly expressed as a group project, there are two specific individuals behind the growth we see. Termed both founders and editors, the inspired souls who brought their passion to life in such a remarkable and engaging manner will introduce themselves as Megs & Chloë.



Watching them move through the guests tonight I noticed a most wonderful thing in and of itself, not only was each greeting and welcome sincere and heartfelt, this feeling of sincerity seemed to radiated out and infect everyone around them. Here I could see people who were already doing something I am still dreaming of, building compassion outwards through their passions and relationships.

Tonight I felt blessed (: There is much in the world I haven’t seen and experienced, but not all of it is miles across the ocean. Some tell me that the universe will guide me if I left it – I find it hard to argue when such a perfect F came around on the perfect day.


This is part of my A to Z Challenge 2016, click the button at the bottom of the site for more information if you like.


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