Can you express your conviction?

Recently I was asked to be part of an internal video for our business, covering the topic of inclusivity. While this is nothing prestigious in itself (we make a ton of such videos each year around different topics) it meant a great deal to me as it touched on a nerve I was yet uncovering in myself and the things I feel passionate about.

It was the third such film crew to setup shop in the same area, which made me think the videos of the entire event would look like we shot them all in one room (kind of true haha), but at the time I wasn’t paying much attention. I had read a short brief on the topic, and what they would expect from each person interviewed, and I was nervous. “Why would I be nervous? I love sharing my opinion, maybe even too much.”, and yet I couldn’t shake the butterflies and the excess energy. In the end the interviewer did a great job of leveling me out and getting us underway.


What did I learn?

What came to me during those first moments of nerves however, was a pixel of insight. Here I had been given a chance to share my view on a topic that touched any relationship in the world, from the smallest family to the largest country and our species as a whole. I couldn’t believe the luck that had brought me such an opportunity, the nerves were from excitement! I was so eager to share, to use this as a way to plant even one more seed of compassion and tolerance in someone’s heart.

During the interview a second bit of insight came to me, the impact and challenge of giving voice to your believes. With fiery conviction in my heart and adrenaline in my veins I was ready… to slowly puzzle through my thoughts and try and capture what I saw in the term ‘inclusivity’. In a myriad of situations I could grasp it, but to sum it up in a few sentences almost escaped me. Thankfully the interviewer was skilled enough to guide and prod our discussion until we had covered the topic sufficiently to give rise to a defined idea.

The challenge, I found, in voicing a pre-defined believe, is finding the right approach to cover the core you see in it without making it abstract and impractical. The impact, or perhaps termed the outcome, of such an exercise is that by the end of the interview I had a far clearer vision and definition of what that fire in my heart was all about.

Small steps forward

In isolation, this was just another interesting thing in a normal week at work, but, with a bit of thinking, it has now become part of the road I wish to walk. It has also made me keep an eye open for the unexpected opportunities along the way where small influences and seeds may take root.

And so I happily share this challenge back to you as well: Do you believe in inclusivity? Freedom of speech? Democracy? Pure socialism? Access to education? Capitalism? Then my challenge to you is to sit down with a friend, colleague, or better yet a stranger, and try to verbalise that believe until you are able to structure it sufficiently to express your true idea. If it should result in some back and forth, all the better for you to get input into the process of defining what you care for.

Define it in your own words so you may take ownership of your conviction.


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